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Facilitating Pathways to Success


President/Owner, Randy McCrillis Ph.D.

Randy McCrillis’ work focuses on facilitating large organizational change efforts, guiding management teams in the promotion of systemic effectiveness and employee satisfaction. He conducts team building, personality assessments and diversity awareness events for top level managers to front line staff teams. He supports organizational development by training managers and integral staff as internal change agents and focuses on developing key individual strengths. As an external consultant he has used his consulting experience in the private, public and volunteer sectors.  He currently serves as faculty/staff at University of Colorado Boulder.  Randy has a Ph.D. in Leadership from the University of Nebraska, he has taught courses in cross-cultural communication, organizational behavior, leadership and diversity facilitation at the graduate and undergraduate level.








Theron LaFountain, MS

I am the ultimate dreamer and idea man.  I have a Masters from UNLV and a BA from Concordia, Moorhead in Business.  Not only have I been working in marketing for over 20 years I have started my own businesses.  As a fellow entrepreneur I understand the hours you work and the time it takes to make your ideas come to life.  For this reason I work at all hours, beside you.  I am willing to toss around ideas and come up with creative low cost solutions to your marketing needs.